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Jack And His Long Thick Stalk -
An Adult Panto

Laffin’ Boi Productions

Sunday 12th September 2021 @ 7:30pm

- Main Stage Production

Following the huge success of Snow White an Adult Pantomime, Laffin’ Boi Productions is proud to bring to the stage Jack And His Long Thick Stalk, another crude, rude and ever so slightly offensive show!

High in the clouds lives the evil giant BFG, and the F doesn’t stand for friendly!

Down below Dame Tess Tickles is trying to make ends meet and is forced into sending her prize cow Buttercup to market.

Will Buttercup end up in the Giant’s pot? Will the Giant’s henchman kidnap another member of the audience? Or will Jack save the day and succeed in marrying Jill his one true love?

Join us as we take a little music, song and a lot of profanity and bring you a spectacular evening of entertainment.

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