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Sleeping With Beauty -
An Adult Panto

Laffin’ Boi Productions

Saturday 23rd April 2022 @ 7:30pm

- Main Stage Production

Filled with rage the Evil Fairy Fanny Fart, vows to get her revenge on the King and Queen after they banished her to live in the woods. She cooks up a bastardly, which is worst than dastardly, plot to kill their daughter Princess Beauty on her 21st birthday!

Will the Good Fairy Fanny Flutter, with the help of Dame Dotty Cumdump and her stupid son Fiddles, be able to save the day? Will true love conquer all? Or will the evil bitch Fanny Fart succeed with her plan?

Come join us and find out, as we bring you a show full of laughter, music, dance and a lot of profanity!

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