The Stage

A conventional proscenium frames the acting area; the arch is 26 feet wide and the stage is 18 feet from front to back cloths and scenery can be flown out of sight. There are three lighting bars above the stage, a proscenium bar located just in front of the house curtain, and a spot bar just over the apron. Lighting and sound are operated from the control room above the alcove at the rear of the auditorium.

The scenery dock below the stage is to store scenery and timber. Building is done on the stage for Thespian productions. There are dressing rooms downstairs for changing and hanging of costumes during a production.

The Auditorium

The maximum seating capacity is 260 with space for two wheelchair users.

photograph of the auditorium

Technical Staff wanted (Voluntary) ....

A new stage in your life? Have you ever thought about becoming involved with local theatre? We are always on the lookout for enthusiastic volunteers to help out with the production of a show.

Technical Insight....
photograph of the control room (1949)

From the Courier & Guardian - Saturday 1st October 1949.

One of the features of Halifax Thespians' new Playhouse is that the lighting control room is at the back of the auditorium and not at the side of the stage, as in the case of all but the more modern theatres. The result is that the electricians can have a full view of the stage as they control the lights. In the above picture, they are seen in action, watching the effect of their adjustments through the double sound-proof windows. Microphones enable the control room staff to follow the progress of the play in sound as well as by sight.

The control room can also be used as a projection suite for films, when the Thespians aquire projectors. Also operated from here are the auditorium lighting, the interval music, and musical 'effects' in a play. SIxty-four lighting circuts run from the stage to the control room, and there is a full range of dimmers and modern stage lighting control equipment.

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