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Dong The Magic

Monday 4th November 2024 @ 7:30pm

- Main Stage Production

They’ve Done Shakespeare, Done Whodunnit, Done the Dead and now the multi-award-winning Northern Comedy Theatre are back with their latest comedy DOING THE MAGIC by David Spicer starring STEVEN ARNOLD who played Ashley Peacock in Coronation Street for 15-years.

Terri and Tom’s touring magic show has seen better days and is more delusion than illusion. Desperate to inject new life into their show they enlist Ebon an unsuspecting magician who appears to have the gift.

Does he have the magic words that can change their fortunes?
Can he pull a rabbit out of the hat to save the day?
Or will it end up more tragic than magic

Don’t miss this laugh out loud comedy full of illusion and confusion as it goes on its world premiere UK Tour this autumn.